Rencontre rapide sans inscription

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30 Weybourne 17. 30 A less credible and less logical theory is that the workforce was in fact from. Other research helped scientists to pinpoint the exact period of the construction, when the trees were felled, to the rencontre rapide sans inscription spring or early summer of 2049 BC, all on the same day. This tells us that it was an important, validating credentials as genuine event that had to involve a lot of people, perhaps as much as 50.

This is another important insight into society of the past. It suggests that strong communities did exist around this time and large scale constructions were very familiar to them. Still, we cannot know the answer for sure, as time has certainly washed away the original purpose of Seahenge. However, it is easy to deduce that it had immense importance for the people of this region, and its symbolism is proof of this.

Mon 26 Aug 10. 15 sahs 11. 15 Mon 26 Aug 16. 15 East Runton 17. 15 Sun 25 Aug 08. 45 renconter 09. 50 Seahenge gave scholars and scientists some crucial insights into the life of Bronze Age people that inhabited. Thanks to the degree of preservation of the trunks, a lot has been learned through testing. Rencontre rapide sans inscription trunks still display visible marks of hewing and narrowing down to a point.

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