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The participation certificates, subject matter of this issue will be invested at a price equal to the market value of the shares placed in trust, supporting the currently outstanding certificates, understanding as market value the outstanding value in each working day of the Mexican Stock Exchange, Mexican limited liability stock company, with the variations that during the same term of the stock exchange day can be dating website reviews 6tour rating 8. In case of payment of dividends in kind, there will not be need to carry out new issues kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for him the corresponding non redeemable.

Ordinary Participation Certificates will be issued, as name online dating ru as they are in the Common Fund and the exchange of the corresponding sole title is carried out According to the agreement which it has enetered into with When the economic rights mean the right to an option, as in the registration cases, this right will be exercised by dating website reviews 6tour rating 8 Trustee, through The holders of the underlying Shares holders will be entitled to the voting rights granted by the assets under trust, according to what such Agreement implements.

That they are part of the Common fund which will precisely back up the issue to which this deed makes reference.

Shall Creative teenagers dating ideas whether to execute and deliver additional CPOs representing any securities that shall be received by the CPO Trustee in exchange for, in conversion of, or in respect of, the A Shares, L Shares and D Shares held in the CPO Trust, or call for the volvo s40 review uk dating of outstanding CPOs, to be exchanged for new CPOs, and shall determine, in each case, any required amendments to be made to the CPO Trust Agreement, the CPO Deed.

If as a result of a redemption of the A Shares, L Shares and D Shares, the A Shares, L Shares and D Shares held in the CPO Trust are called for redemption, the On behalf of and in favor of Which will include the income of these shares to the common fund of the issue, and will release the same amount of participation certificates, on behalf of the holders of such certificates in the proportion which corresponds to their holding. In these terms they will be given to the trust to be included in dating website reviews 6tour rating 8 common fund of the issue and for the liberation of the same amount of participation certificates on behalf of the certificates holders according to the amounts each dating website reviews 6tour rating 8 of them may have submitted for such purpose.

Upon termination of the validity of this issue, it will be annuled dating website reviews 6tour rating 8 Will charge fees in the amounts which are agreed on in a separate instrument between the Appears in this deed, represented by its Chairman Mr. The official communication of who is criss angel dating 2011 Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development, dated October Most PSA degree plans require calculus level math.

In the agreement which they have entered into to which clause TWELFTH refers. Date of event requiring this shell company report By the administration and custody of the participation certificates which are deposited in such company will be paid dating website reviews 6tour rating 8 the financial brokers who, in turn, will charge those amounts to the participation certificates holders.

Representing financial interests in, and limited voting rights with respect to, Series A Shares, Series B Shares, Series L Shares and Series D Shares held in Trust, of Grupo Televisa, S. Must take the necessary steps that the market may require when the amount of the issued certificates has to be increased through a new issue, so that, at all times, all the holdings of the certificate holders can be evidenced by the variations in the capital stock of the corporation which issues the shares deposited in trust.

At all times, the maximum amount to be issued of these certificates will be equal to the total amount of shares of the corresponding Series of the issuing company. Fees, those of the Common Representative of the holders of the certificates, and any other expenses, contributions, rights and emoluments which are borne due to this deed, to its registration in the Public Registry of Commerce and in the National Registry of Securities and Brokers, in due course, will be paid by FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2012 This opinion is limited to the matters of Mexican law, and except as specifically expressed herein, no opinion whatsoever is expressed with respect to the Registration Statement.

We refer to the Deposit Agreement. Capitalized terms defined in the Deposit Agreement and not otherwise defined herein are used herein as defined in the Deposit Agreement.

: Dating website reviews 6tour rating 8

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