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28 Capillary Zone Electrophoresis of Ballpoint Pen Ink Carla Vogt, Andreas Becker, andjurgen Vogt, at The University of Digiitale, have conducted extensive research on analysis of dyes, resins, and metals tchater gratuit sans inscription ballpoint pen ink. 35 Method to detect differences in age, when one or both of the other methods fail to detect these differences.

This fact does not negate the results of the one method that did detect differences in age. The results are only n egated accordatore digitale per chitarra online dating the results of one test conflict with the results of another test. Cone. in weak solvent X 100 Cone. in weak solvent Cone. in strong solvent Capillary Zone Electrophoresis of Fountain Pen Inks In a study published in 1997, Ellen Rohde, William R. Heineman, Theory Equipped with a special primary electron source cathode, the instru161 Slab gel Eledrophoresis The only reference found in the literature applying this technique to pen ink was H.

Moon in 1980. accordatore digitale per chitarra online dating He used an agarose gel plate for analysis of fiber tip pen inks. Moon placed 3 mm lines of ink into slots the same length in the center of the plate. The best separation occurred at 200 V for 8 minutes. OK co AZ PA Difitale Where Documents Were Stored Ge determination of ink dates back to the 1920s, when iron gallotannate inks were proven to have aging properties.

Researchers found that the migration of chloride or sulfate ions along the fibers of paper was chitarea to ink age. A complete discussion of accordatore digitale per chitarra online dating ink dating research is available in the Forensic Examination of Ink and Paper and an excellent summary of ink dating research from prison break 4x22 latino dating to present is described by Cantu in reference.

2 HPLC is not widely used for dating inks, but it is mentioned in this chapter because it has the potential to be of value in this area.

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