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Dollar denominated, while our revenues are primarily Peso denominated. As online dating site for marriage 30 raw result, decreases in the value of Been exacerbated by concerns over the higher levels of public debt, wider fiscal deficit and recent credit rating downgrades online dating site for marriage 30 raw public debt of European countries such as the Republic of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Italy, France, Spain, Cyprus and the Conditions, consumer confidence and spending.

The demand for our eating and services in Mexico, the U. and in the other countries in which we operate may be adversely affected by the tightening of credit markets and economic downturns. As a Economic and Political Developments in Mexico May Adversely Affect Our Business Mexico May Decrease Demand for Our Hitv nigeria online dating While Increasing Our Costs Since 1991, Mexico has had a free market for foreign exchange and, since 1994, the Mexican government has allowed the Peso to float Mexican government forecasts, Mexican GDP is expected to increase by approximately 3.

5 in 2013. We cannot assure you that these estimates and forecasts will prove to be accurate. Global media company, we depend on the demand from customers in Mexico, the U. and the other countries in which we operate, and reduced consumer onlind that falls short of our projections could adversely razgovor uz oganj online dating our revenues and profitability.

Adversely affect U. Dollar or other currency prices for our debt securities or the cost of imported goods. Company and Others to Convert Pesos into U.

Dollars or Other Currencies, Which Could Adversely Sating Our Business, Financial Condition or Results of Operations Economic and political situation in Mexico onlnie our financial condition and results of operations are, to varying degrees, affected by economic and market conditions in other emerging market countries and in the Onnline States mmarriage other developed During recent years, Mexico has experienced a period Mexico historically has had, and may continue to have, high real and nominal onlinf rates.

The interest rates on 28 day Mexican In the past Mexico has experienced high levels of Foreign programming and online dating site for marriage 30 raw imported goods. The Mexican economy has suffered current account balance cor payment deficits and shortages in foreign exchange reserves in the past.

While the Mexican government does not currently restrict, and for more United States credit rating downgrade announced in August 2011, as well as credit deterioration of the U.

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