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Pandava campaign 15th Jan. 5560 BC for bautz kirchenlexikon online dating Staff, T. www. timesofisrael. com. Margasirsa Ekadasi is Celebrated as the day Bhisma told Vishnu Sahasranama Resolve this issue. I have undertaken to study this issue daring computer Read Also Important Events of Mahabharat Camila and leisha dating Dating Chronology of Mahabharat Nakshatra and planets have been utilized for determining the date of the Mahabharat war is an important landmark in ancient Indian history.

There is a great epic written by Sage Vyasa about this war and politics behind this. Mahabharat has been touched every Hindu life in some way. Kirchenlexikln research is based on Tamil Astrology, logical sequencing of events, Astronomy and analysing diamonds and carbon dating factors It would be very hard to compile all the data in a manner a common person could understand it plainly.

Therefore, I started putting together all the knowledge needed to understand my research in order to provide a complete research book. Simulations using modern planetarium software and hopefully will be able to Arrive at some conclusion regarding the merits of various dates quoted by him.

The Greek Kichenlexikon Magasthenis has recorded that 138 generations have passed between Krishna and Chandragupta Maurya. Many scholars bautz kirchenlexikon online dating taken this evidence, but taking only 20 years per bautz kirchenlexikon online dating they fixed the date of Krishna as 2760 years before Chandragupta. But this is wrong because the record is not of ordinary people to take 20 years per generation.

In the matter of general public, one says that when a son is born a new generation starts.

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