Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012, 9 am to 6 pm

The first ever ZFS conference covered all aspects of using ZFS in production. You can find ZFS in the most demanding environments, from video servers to cloud platforms to databases to NFS servers to HPC. Come learn about what makes ZFS a great storage system for these and other applications. Several companies have built products based on ZFS’s reliable, open-source storage technology. At ZFS Day you will learn how ZFS makes these products successful. Does your storage subsystem’s performance vary with the phase of the moon? We will cover how to measure and tune ZFS performance, and how to get the most out of new hardware technologies like 4k sector disks and SSDs. ZFS is available on many platforms: illumos, FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, etc. Come learn about what’s new in ZFS and what problems it will solve in the future.

This event was live video streamed, see links below for recorded video and slides.

9:00 Introduction to the Day – Deirdré Straughan

9:10 ZFS State of the Union - Matt Ahrens

9:30 Making the Impossible Possible: Disposable Staging Environments At Scale – Eric Sproul

10:00 Running Without a ZFS Root Pool – Bill Pijewski

10:45 Productizing ZFS - Justin Gibbs and Will Andrews

11:15 ZFS for Linux Implementation – Brian Behlendorf

1:30 Panel: The State of ZFS on…

2:30 ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools – Brendan Gregg

3:00 Architecting ZFS Solutions – Richard Elling

3:45 Hybrid Storage Pools: Using Disk and Flash with ZFS (now with the benefit of hindsight!) - Adam Leventhal

4:30 ZFS: Darwin’s Storage - Jonathan Halstuch

5:00 Y4K? – George Wilson

5:30-6:30 ZFS War Stories over beer – (Thank Delphix!)